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Good app but please add night mode

Hi, I really want to like it, and I will do, but I cant use it because I cant read my email with your app because of the write on the background (my eyes ... not very good :( ) Could you do somehing to change the background (black background ? - " night vision"). Thanks

Expensive for what it is !

Its too simple, the preferences menue is empty, they have no possibility, no markdown mail.. Impossible to have always the menu with different folder open ... Airmail2 is half of the price and 100x better !

Beautiful !

I love the UX experience. The white design is soothing. Although the app is a bit expensive I recommend this app

No improvement, from 20€ to 50€ / year

Bought the app in August for 20€. 3 weeks later, the name has changed, the icon has changed and some features are called something different, and that’s worth 49.99 / year… Once you’re used to it and have invested in the app, you’ll be told that there’s a new change from 49€ / year to 10€ / month… It’s a rip off, and clients should walk away from them to punish such behaviors. That said, if you accept such behaviors and want to pay the application is OK, basic and very simple, sometimes limited. One nice feature : the CloudMagic account making your email accounts available on other platforms (in CloudMagic).

Shame on you...

Seriously ? I’ve paid the CloudMagic app 20€ months ago for a LIFETIME use and now you tell me that I will have to 55€/year to use it ?? Oh that is so nice you to offering me one year… But you know what ? I don’t give a s*** and I go looking for another mail app. Bye Cloudmagic. I hope that you’re going to lose all your customers.

The best mail client for MacOS

Simple, clean, great layout, fast!!!! Work great with gmail!!!

The only email app you will need...

Email is quite a lot about trusting the services involved. But Email is always going to pass through other peoples hands, theres no avoiding that. CloudMagics minimalist interface in combination with Gmail keyboard shortcuts, clever additional commands and snappy service is perfect to handle my stuff. They have my full support as I have theirs ;-) BTW, for some reason CloudMagic is the only service being able to access my corporate account from every device anywhere. No more switching UI paradigms for email. If you like the design, give it a try!

Has potential, but just isn’t there yet

The minimalist UI is appealing, but unfortunately the features are similarily minimalistic. I find myself launching Mail three or four times a day to get certain tasks done. Examples: - Search is simply broken. - I often use the OS X share menu to email attachments. Cloudmagic doesn’t have an entry there, so I have to launch Mail. - Inbox layout mostly works. Go into any other folder (Sent, All Mail) and I have no idea how and why mails are grouped or sorted. - I kinda like seeing the mail I’m responding to. …and many more.I hope it gets where it could be: a minimalistic interface that allows rapid work, mostly through keyboard shortcuts.

Expensive skin for Gmail – avoid

*UPDATE:* Not much has changed since my first review. This is an expensive web interface for Gmail and others. Doesn’t even work offline. Avoid. In the beginning I was happy that someone had made a sleek email client without trying to re-invent email itself. Now, I’m more disappointed than anything else. First of all, there’s bugs all over. Today, the app crashes reliably when I enter “ni” in the “To” field. Before that, keyboard shortcuts would just not work in some situations. And the app refused to work offline (with an error message that said so). Not great. Charging 20 bucks for beta software (for something as critical as email) is not justified. Second, the UI and functionality improvements are just not enough to warrant a switch. It’s simplified, yes, but not well enough to make a difference. The way the app loads email titles gives it the feel of a web app in a native wrapper – exactly what I don’t want. Let’s see how much the app improves, but for now I’d caution against buying it.

best Email Client out there

This is by by far superior to any other Email client. I tried them all Mac Mail, Outlook, Outlook Office 365, Thunderbird, Airmail 1 and 2, Polymail. And I have to say: although important features (to me) like creating imap folders and moving emails from one accoutn to another are missing - where I still have to rely on PostboxInc. - the sheer usability and user friendlyness as well as the distraction free reading/writing experience is just astonishing. I’ve never dealt with email so joyously! It’s well worth paying for it! I hope there will be features added like creating folder and moving emails from one accoutn to another as well as having an offline folder where you can just archive emails on your mac. But for now still, with these features missing it’s such a beautiful and quick client! I love everything about it! Thank you for creating such a great product!!!

Nice Application

Very clean, easy to use, well integrated. Needs: 1. Quick Look for attachments 2. Left side mail boxes visible. 3. Better search integration

Wonderful, with room for improvement

Fan of inbox zero? Maybe some minimalism? Like Medium as a writing tool? Bearing in mind it was only released a week ago, CloudMagic for Mac is already a serious candidate for your desktop mail client. Loves = the attachment view (visual sorting + click to Quick Look!), the gorgeously simple ‘Compose’ window (with rich formatting options), and the blazingly fast interface (sorry, Mail). Plus, the developers comprise a visionary team, so you can comfortably expect great things to come! Here are my suggestions for improvement, some which may or may not be already on the developers’ “to do” list: • Improve Split View. At the time of this writing, the CloudMagic window takes up the vast majority of the screen, making multitasking impossible. I tend to use my mail client in tandem with Wunderlist for easy task management and delegation; options like these are currently unavailable to users. Gimme that responsive window, yo!

Not quite there yet.

I am sure as time goes on it will keep getting better and I will keep an eye on the progress, but right now I just don’t feel it’s good enough to be my workhorse on my Mac yet and have removed it. Some of the immediately notable omissions for me: - Paste a screenshot from clipboard in the body of the mail d - Moving mail to folders felt unfinished. You give me the keyboard shortcut, and I can start typing the folder (so far so good), but why can’t I use the arrow keys to select a folder from the partly filtered list? I have to select it with mouse/trackpad. - No cards - CloudMagic is likely the only app in the world maybe, where you can keep adding empty items in a numbered/bulleted list with enter. Just about anything else, by the time you add a second empty item it puts you out of numbered list mode. Sure, to some that is a feature. - I could not get it to lookup contacts on Exchange account - Search seems to only work in the folder I am in. At least for me. At this point, I gave up. But yes, Compositing a message looks great on the Mac. In fact, fantastic. So depending on your usage patterns this may be a great app, or far from it.


Very good Exchange support – much better than other clients. Minimal interface is enjoyable, a nice contrast from Apple Mail for those that don’t require all the features visible all the time. So far the only thing I am missing is the ability to “pin” the sidebar open.

Unsuitable for Exchange

While the app is nice looking and the compose page beautiful - its not usable in a large Exchange environment. To look up new contacts from the Global Address list you need another mail app. So “works with Exchange” …. Not sure that is entirely accurate. From their (blinding FAST tech support team) "We dont sync anything from your Exchanges GAL as of now. We do have plans for it.”

TOO Simplified.

I read a lot of reviews recommending CloudMagic in place of the nearly deceased Mailbox (which I loved). Aesthetically, this program is beautiful and simple, and as a graphic designer, I very much appreciated that. But managing folders is very unwieldy, especially when managing multiple email accounts, and that eventually tipped me over the edge of frustration. The archive feature was nice until I had to track down what I had archived. It just doesn’t have the features to do more than very simple emailing. I had high hopes, and was disappointed.

Fast - but one major flaw

You can’t move emails (for archival purposes) from, let’s say, your GMAIL account to your iCloud account, as it is so easy to do in Mail. So if you want to do that, this software is useless for you. And WAY too expensive!

Sad adaptation

You will espect to have an app to suit OSX and larger screen than on the ipad. But sadly the desktop version do not give you a mail preview like on the ipad. Look like more the iPhone version scaled up. Look ridiculus on a small macbook, more so on a 27’’ cinema display. Waste of space. Would prefer to have the same version as the ipad for the desktop.

Clean and appealing design and function - excellent support

I’ve been an iPhone user of Cloud Magic and love it’s mix of clean design and comprehensive integrations. It was no real challenge to move to the Mac version as well. This has given me the same uncluttered and logical presentation of multiple (six) different email accounts including Exchange, icloud and gmail. I had one small question I fired off to support and this was answered in a matter of hours (even on a Sunday!). Truth be told I’d figured out the answer before the support answer but the speed of response is a great sign. This app should only get better and, given where it’s started, this will transform your email experience.

Great start, but needs to be way more robust

Search capability needs to be drastically improved with ability to search ALL email, including folders, archives, deleted messages etc. This should not be shifted back to the source servers but be available offline.

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