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Run The Other Way

This app will advertise that it is free, but then charge you $19.99 or $49.99. It is no different from the free version they offered previously. I used their services for some time as it was offered for free. Then all of a sudden they announced the app will now cost money. Their customer service department was unappologetic, rude, and very short. It also appears they have conitnually done these so called “updates” in order to erase negative reviews such as these. Worst app experience I have ever had. Worst customer service experience I have ever had.


I bought cloudmagic about 1-2 months before it changed to Newton. I deliberated over the purchase for several weeks before deciding to invest the money in what I thought would be a program I would use for years to come. Now today I am forced into a subscription based yearly fee. I am dissappointed in this company for falsey leading in customers and then coercing them to switch to an absurdly high subscription based program. I would have never made the investment in this company if I knew what their plan was. Now I have 1 “free” year left with this company when I made the purchase to use cloudmagic indefinitely. Since this change, several “updates” have been released, for what appears to be the purpose of hiding all their bad reviews.

The best

It’s the best email program I’ve found. Best of breed search. I’d like to be able to have favorite folders in left pane, and folder suggestions when filing similar to boxer or clearcontext for outlook.

Love it

Say what you will about the price, sure it could be cheaper. But I’d rather have a company that HAS a business plan than one that doesn’t. I love the apps. They are simple and clean. I was testing around 5 of the top e-mail apps and they are all good, but Newton ALWAYS was the first to send me the e-mails. I always got the e-mails first through Newton. I gave in. I love it. I love the app. If you have the money and want a company that is commited to making the app better, which I hope they do, than this is the one for you. Love it.

Absolutely awful

Intentionally stopped email sync and other functionality to force us to update to your latest awful revamp. Not only that, obviously someone in the company actively voted other negative review as not helpful. Shame on you CloudMagic!

5 Stars to 1 Star and now 3 Stars…..

So when this was Cloud Magic, I gave it a 5 Star review because it was the best Mail client that I have found. It is great in IOS, and just as good on MacOS…. Then the newton switch happened… That was a bit Jarring and not rolled out properly at all, so I, as many others, instantly gave it a 1 star review… Now that they have made it clear that you do not need to purchase to use the app, then I am back to enjoying it. The reason this does not receive a 5 star review right now: Constant updates… To the point where they are annoying. Also, I am still not a fan of the payment structure. Yes, I understand that you need money to pay for a great product… $50 is quite high, and there is not much different from the free version. Make the price comperable to the competitors ($10/$20 for a lifetime), and we will be happy to pay…

$50/year email app can’t even open emails properly

I can forgive the sudden and drastic price change and switch to a subscription model. I can forgive the disrespectful way that Cloudmagic blindsided its userbase with these changes (they’ve since been punished by hundreds of the worst reviews I’ve ever seen). But here’s what I cannot forgive. This $50/year email app doesn’t even open emails properly. Let that sink in for a moment. If you get lots of long emails and newsletters as I do, Newton will almost certainly cut off the content well before the end. Sometimes you have to open the email multiple times for all the content to load. Sometimes the content doesn’t fully load at all. Basically, Cloudmagic is charging more than anyone else on the market for an app that doesn’t do the single most basic thing you could ask for: open an email properly. Make no mistake, I loved the original version of Cloudmagic’s Mac app. The update to Newton has some promising and useful features in addition to everything that made the original so great. But right now, this one bug is pissing me off so much that I can hardly stand to use it. Cloudmagic, if you’re listening, I will remove this review once you fix this asinine problem. However, until it’s fixed, I will go out of my way to make sure this review sticks with every single update you roll out becuase this is simply unnacceptable.

Are they funding a country? NO WAY will I pay $49.99 a year...

I have no problem paying for something that brings value to my workflow. However, when there are several free options that bring the same quality and features that Newton boasts, I would be stupid to pay; especially when the amount is something unreasonable like $49 a year (ongoing). As I said, I have no problem paying a reasonable amount. For example, I tried Spark which is great and free but wanted to try something that offered a Mac solution as well (Spark is only for the iOS at this time). I tried AirMail and loved it! I didn’t even bat an eye paying the ONE-TIME price for their products ($14.99 - Mac and $4.99 for iOS). So to the 2 or 3 reviewers who speak down to the rest for not being willing to pay something I would say two things 1) Why pay when equivalent options are available for free (supply and demand) and 2) I did pay because another option that was available priced themselves reasonably (supply and demand). If you want to pay $49 a year for email that is your right but I think it is silly when other comparable (dare I say even better) options are available for free or much, much cheaper.


Its amazing to me the number of people leaving bad reviews for this email app simply because they don’t want to pay. They are asking for merely a little over $4 per month. That is nothing for what this app provides you. It is far and away the best email app there is out there and if you don’t want to pony up the cash, go find another email program out there that offers all of these features (hint, there isn’t one). This is hands down the best there is and the features this provides do wonders for me from a productivity standpoint. Hats off to the devs. You don’t desere these ridiculous negative reviews from people who want everythign for free. Newton is worth every penny, and I will happily pay the $50 annually to support your work. To those leaving negative reviews, get a life. You are trying to desparage a great app because you are upset you can’t get it for free anymore. Move on with your life and let those who are actually paying for it comment on it for others to decide if they want to pay as well.

Bad business… stereotypical startup w no integrity

I paid for the Mac version of Cloudmagic several months ago. It was a stretch bc the mac version was a littel barebones in form but also unfortunately in function. However it allowed me to have a unified app presence on my computer and phone so I went for it. The iphone app was similar to others on the market and pretty sleek. Nothing special overall but worth the one time $20. Fast forward several months and now and we’ve been given an ultimatum to pony up $50/yr or lose functionality. Even though my purchase qualified me for a free year, I had no intention to download the upgrade so that the developers could count me in their downloads/active users. Appears this company took investment money from inpatient investors who’ve probably pressured them for more ROI and to change their business model. So many startups out there taking bad advice. Too bad they overestimated the worth of their product. It’s no better than a handful of other cheaper apps on the market and only marginally better than the native email client. They’ve lost my business: I’ve deleted the apps on both laptop and iphone.

The app is much better than the angry reviews

I can fully appreciate the fact that many users who paid a one-time price for this app when it was CloudMagic are upset because it changed to a subscription based app with no notice. However, that is not a reason to write a negative review of an app that is actually a great email product. I just downloaded the trial and after spending my entire working life looking for the perfect email app, have finally found something that’s at least close to perfect. I just never tried CloudMagic before it was Newton because they didn’t have a trial and I didn’t want to waste the money if I didn’t care for it. For minimalists and users who want an absolutely beautiful user interface, Newton is what you need. It’s well designed, but still does almost everything a complex email app achieves. It’s not perfect, but since app features are subjective, it probably never will be. I am a Gmail user so I wish it supported all the Gmail keyboard shortcuts. I also wish there was a larger array of user preferences. The one I miss most is the capability to change the font size. With Newton you’re stuck with the font size you see, unless you increase/decrease it in each message you read, which is cumbersome (and even then you can only change the font size within the message body of each email). Overall I really like Newton. Yes, $50/year is a lot to pay for an email app, but it sounds better as $4/mo. I spend so much of my day using email, I feel I should be using the app I like the most, regardless of price. In the end, I’m sure I’ll fork over the $50, but for now, I’ll wait until the end of the trial period. I’ll update this review at that time.


I like the app a lot. I paid a one time $20 fee for it. Now they changed the name, my app doesn’t work and I’m supposed to give them $50 / year. Ridiculous.

Worth it

Okay, so maybe the changes weren’t rolled out in the best way, but I have to say I think all this whining about an annual subscription is frankly kind of embarrassing. Talk about champagne problems, y’all. It’s basically $4 a month for an email service that goes way above and beyond what other apps provide. Yes, there’s the free app Spark, but Spark doesn’t offer a desktop version so it’s basically useless for those of us who need both. I’m excited to use Newton and will be recommending it to my friends and colleagues. It’s the only way I’ve been able to keep track of hundreds of emails without completely dropping the ball. EDIT: I do think they should be offering refunds of the $20, for those who recently paid for the Mac app.

Goodbye Newtow….Cloudmagic…whatever

The last thing I want to deal with on the 1st of the month is my email being held hostage, disabled and then gifted a free-trial and the headach of reconfiguring the email settings because the update wiped them. To be honest, I accidentally downloaded Cloudmagic on my new machine, still use Unibox on the other, and thought it was cool. We should all get paid for what we make, but not all of us should have to feel like we got forced into paying for it. Good luck with your new business model but I don’t support the strong arm tactic….I deal with that too much to have an app trying to control my communication abilitiies for money.

Abusive rascaldom! Caution! Fraudsters!

Yesterday I paid for CloudMagic, and now today it is automatically transformed into something special e.g. Newton (not asking me for that). So you put me in the position I can’t use the product I have already bought and you press for shaking my money. That is a whopper and manipulation, friends.

Seemless aestheics and functionality

I don’t review.. I have never reviewed an app before. That being said, I’m getting somewhat fed up with the thankless d**ks that want everything an app like Newton (once Cloud Magic) has to offer, without there ever being an add or a subscription fee. This app does for mail what Tesla has done for the car industry: deliver what should have been delivered years ago. Flawless integration of emails across all platforms and exchanges, great user tools, and shortcuts that actually work to your advantage. I read tons of reviews prior to making a selection, so take from someone who’s biggest fear is paying for something not worthwhile; this is worthwhile.

still a great program

People are trashing the program for the sudden surprise and charge. That’s fair… at the same time admit the program works very well and is a solid permanent email solution. Because it is. If the payment prevents a buyout or an assault of ads, I’ll accept it. If that suddenly changes I will feel kind of used for purchasing it now.

Paid for it, now they’re charging an annual fee

I paid $20 for this app. Months later they let me know they were switching to an annual subscription model. Great app. Poor customer relations.

Bait and Switch tactics for a third rate product.

I was tired of Apple Mail, a tired appication not being updated close to often enough.I bought this app months ago, I PAID for an email client, on faith, without even the benefit of a trial period, because I believe in supporting the little guy. What I got was an OK, not great email client, that has some nice stying but some less than great functionality. Especially the part that to use folders, I had to set them up at the ISP level, not in the app itelf. It also crashed, a lot. It occassionally lost emails, or didn’t send them, and a real concern, if you didn’t have the email downloaded, couldn’t access it if you were not connected to the internet. But then they out of the blue decided to launch a new business model, where PAYING them merely got you in a positoin where you could SUBSCRIBE to use the app, and worse, it was an annual fee. LIke $60 CDN a year. For an email client. After I have already bougth it. Excuse me? A week later, we get a lame letter from the CEO explaining that they need to charge you an arm and a leg to support their business model. It’s not even a great app! I could go on and on about why you abslutely shouldn’t use this app - there’s NOTHING to recommend it and Apple will eventually wise up and improve their way out of date free model, burying this joke in a single update. But this company will be out of business in a year or less anyway, because they think an email app is the way to build a unicorn company. They are dreaming. In all the years I have used Apple I have never seen anything as preposterous as this company’s claim to your money or a more sleazy bat and switch. Good riddance.

$50 a YEAR?

I have a been a user of CloudMagic since the very beginning. Amazing interface, intuitive and a tremendous on UI/UX. But let’s face it - this is email. We have so many different ways of using email - and with the advent of the new MacOS (Sierra) the MAIL App has tremendously matured into something that is workable. Save yourself the $50/yr and as far as mobile devices are concerned, you should try SPARK. It’s excellent - not cloudbased, intuitive gestures and really works well just similar to CloudMagic used to. Whoever is running the business @ CloudMagic/Newton, should really re-think their business model because user abandonment is going to be MASSIVE! These days - especially for email - very few people are going to be willing to pay $50/YR for email. That’s just FACT!

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